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With races canceled across the board, it has become the season of pushing limits and getting creative. Many routes have been dreamed up and some accomplished, some crazier than others. With limited real estate and perceived limits on what a human can do, many novel ideas have already been tried or brought to fruition. I dreamt up a route that tags every mountain pass in the White Mountain National Forest in one go. Starting at our home base, Ski The Whites in Jackson, NH, one western loop, and one eastern loop will be connected to form a lumpy figure 8. The 300-mile route will gain almost 25,000 feet of elevation over 14 mountain passes.  With a hope to finish this loop in under 17 hours elapsed time to put down a solid time, this will be a personal feat.

From dawn to dusk, I will ride Bear Notch, Kancamagus pass, Thornton Gap, Sandwich Notch, Marston Hill road, Oliverian pass, Sawyer Highway (Moosilauke), Kinsman Notch, Profile Rd (Cannon Mountain Ski Resort access road), Jefferson Notch, Crawford Notch, Hurricane Mountain Road, Evans Notch and Pinkham Notch (both A and B).  

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