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Last Skier Standing 2024: Event Details

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of what to expect, a few suggestions, and some tips we've learned from previous years. Please reach out with any questions or concerns and we'll follow up with any additional info if necessary.

-Andrew (619-993-5534) and Monte (201-877-5198)

  • IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT: Let us know so we can plan accordingly. This could be for various reasons (injury, illness, COVID). We want to prioritize participants health and well being. You will be issued a gift card to the shop and hopefully we can bump someone off the waitlist.

  • PARKING: See map of where parking is allowed and the unload zone. Yes, it's a little far from the venue but it will allow the mountain to operate without interfering with customer parking.

  • Check-in: is from 8 to 9:30am - registration will be located inside the old base lodge. You’ll get your bib, swag bag, and any last minute items you need to pick up. We’ll be doing a pre-event briefing at 9:55.

  • Tent: We have a big tent and we’ll have tables, propane heaters, chairs, food and beverage, electricity, lights, and more. You are encouraged to bring your own chairs, blankets, a piece of carpet (it get's icy!) and whatever else you may need. There will be room to stage outside of the tent as well.

  • The Course: The course is up and down the Allagash trail. Depending on conditions, we may need to make modifications but at the moment, this is our planned route. 

  • Rules: Safety is our priority and most of these rules are meant to ensure that. We will be working with the mountain to ensure that everyone heading uphill has a bib or a ticket - this uphill route is an exception to their uphill policy so we will work with the mountain to determine how to let friends participate in uphill laps. We will have this information at the event. There's no outside aid on the course. No tucking or unsafe skiing - if you are perceived to be skiing in an unsafe manner by ski patrol, mountain operations, or event personnel, you are subject to disqualification. There is a bridge that will have a speed check gate going into it, we need to make sure everyone is single file if the uphill route uses the bridge, and ski exceptionally slow down through it. We will also have a medic onsite at all times. There is no alcohol allowed in the event venue and no BYOB.
  • Mandatory Gear: We will be issuing bibs with belts that must be visible and worn at all times. Headlamps are required for nighttime laps. Helmets (side-impact rated) are required for everyone.

  • Suggested Items to Bring:

    • Personal Food and drink items that you know work for you.
    • A spare set of skins. We’ll do our best to help with skin failures.
    • Extra socks.
    • Blister Prevention kit. We’ll supply what we can but suggest some glide stick, moleskin, tape, or whatever works for you.
    • Extra / backup everything (socks, liners, gloves…)
    • A game plan.

  • Pit Crew: We’ll have volunteers helping with keeping you warm, fed, and hydrated along with helping with any gear issues. We’ll do our best to help dry out boots and skins. We have a couple propane heaters for the tent plus several boot heaters. There will be a charging station for phones and we’ll have power bricks to hand out to charge batteries on the fly. We want you to be able to focus on the event and not worry about these items!

  • Food and Beverage: We will be providing the following - Hot water, hot coffee, hot tang / gatorade, soup, chips, chocolates, and other typical aid station food. We’ll serve a mix of bagels Friday AM, a basic lunch (sandwiches /wraps) Friday and Saturday, soups and pastas for dinner, pancakes and bacon for Saturday breakfast, and keep the meal plan rolling as long as needed. 

  • Bathrooms: There will be six bathrooms up at the tent - participants have priority. We also have access to the lodge bathrooms for crew and spectators. 

  • Awards: Aside from the Finisher award, we'll have some tiered awards and recognize a few different categories. All TBD and in the spirit of FUN. We are working with several event sponsors who have generously donated all sorts for giveaways.

  • Flexibility: We might make on-the-fly modifications to the event if we feel it can make the event better. This might include a course change or delayed lap start time. We don’t plan on this happening but understand there could be some slight changes day of the event.

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