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Hannibal 106 2020 Ski Review

Hannibal 106 2020 Ski Review

In 2020, the entire ski industry apparently discovered the numbers between 100 and 110. Fischer decided they would jump on board and release an all-new Hannibal 106 skis which are designed for dragging hip, busting through wind drifts and skiing crud. The Hannibal 106 skis are a perfect powder ski- no matter what your definition of ‘powder’ is. Whether it snows a generous 5 inches on the east coast or 4 feet out west, the Hannibal 106 will float you through it all. When mounted with a lightweight binding, these skis feel really light in your hands, on the skin track, and on your back.

Hannibal 106, 185 and 178

We have tested this 106 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and here at home (Mount Washington). And having skied pretty much every kind of snow in between (by default), we can safely say the 2020 Hannibal 106 is the ultimate powder ski. Skiing deep snow in Wyoming, the Hannibals floated and turned confidentially. Because of the modern width of the Hannibal 106, you can also get away with skiing harder packed snow. 

Ok, so 106 seems like a cool modern number so you’re already sold. But maybe you want to know what is inside. The Hannibal sits on a paulownia core reinforced by titanal and carbon fiber. This is not a weight weenie ski by any means but the Hannibal 106 does weigh in at a respectable 1731g (per ski) in the 185cm length. The lightweight wood core makes for a playful ski when making turns and jumping. 

weight of hannibal 106 2020

“Carbon Fiber? So light! They look parabolic and ** flexes skis with arms** seem stiff.” - So now you buying two pairs for you and junior. So you flexed the ski in the ski shop but what does that say about torsional stiffness? Nothing. The Titanal band inside the ski gives the Hannibal the torsional stiffness needed when putting the ski on edge when the snow hardens up. The carbon fiber stringers are a great feature for they help to dampen chatter and ease the blow from invisible wind drifts. The Hannibal 106 wasn’t made to be the stiffest ski as it was designed to be a perfect tool in the backcountry for all the conditions you run into.

But what are those thick curves? The Hannibal has a race-inspired sidecut that makes the Hannibal 106 is a great choice for those who like to charge fluid turns down steep pitches. The cambered platform of the Hannibal 106 allows for hard-chargers to do what they do best. Don’t worry, the engineers at Fischer know you like marketing terms, so they added tip rocker. The tip rocker will help keep the tips up when the snow gets deep.

Fischer seems to never be content with the Hannibal graphics for every year the skis get a completely new graphic. This year, however, Hannibal got a matte finish. This is a great feature for everyone who ends up using the 106 on wind packed snow. When your tips inevitably chatter and cross, you won’t hurt your top sheets- did we mention this is a powder ski?

Binding Match Wizard:

The Hannibal 106 can be paired with a Dynafit SuperLite binding for the ultimate lightweight powder skis. But be warned, this combo should only be for a lightweight human and who plans to be skiing powder exclusively. For those that might ‘accidentally’ push the limits heading downhills, you might be better-suited mounting the Hannibal 106 with Dynafit’s ST Rotation or Radical. 

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