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Popular Rides in Jackson, NH

Group Rides

Monday Rides from the shop. Join us for a new route every week in the Jackson Area for a unique route. On gravel roads and up steep climbs right from the shop. Starting date TBD.

We have complied a list of rides we recommend in the Jackson Area. Whether you are on a pedal assisted e-bike or a normal bike these routes will allow you to explore the scenic parts of Jackson.

Looking to ride electric bikes in Jackson, NH? Check out our favorite e-bike routes.

Jackson offers many lightly traveled roads. Most of these roads are very residential and also dead-ends, with creates a safe riding environment than most roads in the White Mountains. Below is a few different routes that are easy to access right from the front door of Ski The Whites! Depending on how long you want to ride for, terrain and views pick accordingly. All of these routes are on manageable terrain, however, we ask that people still wear helmets and ride cautiously. 

E-bikes travel faster and accelerate quicker than acoustic bicycles. This makes riding electric bikes different and more dangerous than a normal bike that you are used to riding.  

Jackson Falls loop

30 minutes-1 hour

For those looking to ride for under an hour (note: this is moving time), there are some beautiful routes around Jackson. Jackson Falls is right down the road is nice to ride by. If it’s hot out, maybe take a swim! After checking out the falls, head up to Moody Farm road. Take this road until you reach the Black Mountain Ski Resort. When you reach Black Mountain Road, take a right back towards town. You will head uphill for a short time before heading down the hill back into town. When you reach Main Street, take a right and head back to the shop. Maybe stop at J-town for a cold beverage or food.


This ride can be lengthened by continuing up Dundee road when you reach the ski resort. This will make the ride MUCH longer (probably at least an additional hour), so if you are feeling up for more riding, this is a great addition. Dundee turns into a scenic dirt road for a bit and eventually descends into Intervale, NH. When you reach the bottom, take right onto 16B for about two hundred yards before taking another right onto Thorn Hill Road. This will bring you back onto Main Street in Jackson. These roads are nice and quiet which makes for comfortable riding. 


Carter Notch Road/Prospect Farm

This is a beautiful ride that allows riders to turn around whenever they feel they’ve reached a personal halfway point. The route is extremely simple. Ride from the shop and turn up Carter Notch Road. This is right after the Wentworth Inn and right before the stone bridge in downtown Jackson. This road ascends towards Carter Notch. If the weather is good, you will have an amazing view of Carter Notch. This road is a dead end so the traffic is limited to the people who live there or are heading to a trail. Near the end of the road, the pitch becomes much steeper and eventually turns to dirt. After about two hundred yards of dirt roads, you will reach a parking lot with a Nation Forrest gate. Feel free to continue onto these roads. If you are looking for a bit more of a “trail” experience, this is the spot. The trekking e-bikes we rent are great for dirt roads, however, we ask you to refrain from riding single-track. 


Town Hall Road (out-and-back)

Time: 2-3 hours

This route is one of the most popular. Those who choose to ride this can turn around when they reach their personal halfway point. The route stays off main roads and is very scenic. Ride through downtown Jackson, take a left on Thorn Hill Road. This is a steep road, on an acoustic bike, it’s tough, but this is where e-bikes excel. After descending the southern side, keep your eyes peeled for Town Hall Road (which will be on your left). Take this road as far as you want, when you feel you’re about halfway done with your ride just turn around and head back the way you came. Townhall Road will eventually turn to dirt while simultaneously coming back into Jackson. About a mile after that you will be in The White Mountain National Forest. The road ascends slowly until you reach the last gate (which is closed). About two-thirds up the road is a left-hand turn. This is an additional dead-end dirt road that can be incorporated into the ride.


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