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How to Trim Fischer Multifit Skins

How to Trim Fischer Multifit Skins

So you bought trim to fit skins. Now what? 

Skin trimming is simple. It may seem like a chore compared to buying pre-cut skins but it gives you the ability to cut to your preferred width and works will all skis provided you order the correct length. Fischer has a special tip attachment for some skis but the stock pre-installed once loop over the tip of most skis without a problem. I'm going to see if I can swap out a tip insert from a pair of PROFOILS to make these skins lock on to my Transalp 80s.


1. Remove contents from box and find a clean area to work. I chose a couple tall bar chairs. It also helps that my skis don't have bindings on them yet which makes them easier to work with.

2. Take a skin and remove the plastic. Attach to ski and adjust the tail attachment clip as necessary. It should be taught but not too tight. 

3. Take the provided skin trimming tool (in this case it's a utility knife) and trim one the skin flush along ONE EDGE of the skin. 

4. Remove skin and reapply with a ~4mm offset. 

5. Trim exposed skin flush along edge.

6. Remove skin and reattach - the edges should now be exposed with the majority of the base covered with skin. 

7. That's it! Make sure to take care of your skins and store them at room temp in a dry area. For offseason or long term storage, I use the provided divider sheet, otherwise I keep them folded up on each other. 

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