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White Mountain Ski Coffee Co


We came to coffee in a roundabout way. You know early mornings; the alarm sounds and you’re up to get after it. For us, this also means a warm cup of coffee is consumed and, to be honest, that’s why we started to roast our own; a passion for big outdoor pursuits goes handedly with caffeine. Whether it’s to get up at 5 AM for a powder day in the winter, or going for that mid-summer hut traverse, we push the limits and we love our caffeine as it keeps us going. 

We are two athletes with a taste for freshly roasted coffee who like to run, bike, ski, and hike through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was on an early-season run through Evans Notch when we both agreed that it was time to begin roasting ourselves and to share the end result. After a few trial batches--and only one roaster fire--we felt confident that our product could be enjoyed by many.

We are pleased to offer a variety of single origin beans in addition to our blends, which are all hand-roasted at the shop on Main Street in Jackson, New Hampshire. We roast in small batches and maintain a roast-to-order policy ensuring that our roasting schedule will always deliver you the roasted coffee that is ideal in color, smell and flavor.  

Offerings (ORDER HERE):

 Guatemala San Marcos (Washed): We've really enjoyed the this coffee, which has hints of berry, green apple and finishes with velvety chocolate. Our Guatemalan bean will surely help to inspire the next adventure in the mountains as you sit down and sip a cup (or two) of this very well-balanced cup o’ joe! 

This washed San Marcos bean is Rainforest Alliance Certified and grown on the Finca Nueva Granada farm located between two of Guatemala's popular volcanoes: Tajumulco and Tacana (1,800 meters above sea level). 

Congo Mapendo (Washed): This Fair Trade Certified and Organic bean is a great addition to our single origin lineup. We get notes of crisp red apple find a slight finish of honey and maybe a little peach in there. Order quick because this one will sell out fast...

Central/South American Volcán Blend (Decaf): Savor the taste but don’t want the rush? This decaffeinated coffee is just for you! 

These Honduran and Peruvian beans are Swiss-Water processed decaffeinated coffee. This blend brews a tasty pot of coffee! Drink decaf espresso? Not a problem! We get a full bodied bean that has been roasted on the darker side. 

 The FKT Blend: Nothing like a big pot of drip to get you going for that sought after FKT! Then, after it’s over, pull a shot of afternoon espresso to help with your recovery. We've blended a rotating selection of medium roasted beans to make a versatile full-bodied blend that can be great brewed for drip coffee or espresso. 

Tucks After Dark Blend: Dark roast fans can rejoice! This is a blend--similar to a Moka Java--that is bold and flavorful, but also offers subtle sweeter notes. This blend is primarily based on the Indonesia Sumatra (Fair Trade Certified). These winter days, it doesn't take long before that sun drops down in the sky and the ravine is left in the dark, but this blend is the perfect motivator for that planned snowy mission! 

Powder Hound Blend: We decided to create a blend for our light roast coffee fans. Every powder hound in search of the best snow will appreciate this one, but don't worry as it's been officially approved by the one and only Squally pup!  This is a blend of our Central and South American beans to deliver a brighter, sweeter, cup of coffee. 

65 Hour Blend: Named in honor for the winner of the 2022 Last Skier Standing competition. This is a blend of Ethiopia and Brazil. Pulls great espresso shots, but it also makes for a solid medium roast pot of drip coffee. 

*Rotating* Pika's Pick: Introducing a rotating selection of very limited offerings. For those who don't know, Pika is the shop-cat who travels from empty ski box to boot box while purring, sleeping, and chewing cardboard. Pika knows the good life, so we therefore thought it would be appropriate to name some of the best beans after him. Enjoy the good life! 

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