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Injury Prevention & Treatment

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Our in-house DPT and US Ski Team Alumni, Hilary McCloy has several programs to get you back skiing, biking, or running if you have an injury, or keep you out there if you're already feeling good. Hilary has several years of experience working with all levels of athletes and there's always something you can be doing to have a safe and healthy season.

Below are a list of treatment packages but she offers additional courses on her website


  • Initial Evaluation 90 min. $100

    • Physical assessment, manual treatment, treatment plan provided via videos and TrueCoach app.

  • Follow up visits* 60 min $75

    • Re-assessment, progression of exercises and updated plan.

*Follow up Visits: these are scheduled as needed


  • Initial Evaluation 60 min. $75

    • Physical assessment, self care manual treatment, treatment plan provided via videos and TrueCoach app.

  • Follow up visits* 60 min $75

    • Re-assessment, progression of exercises and updated plan.


An individualized injury prevention program geared towards runners, skiers and hikers. The program starts with an assessment of strength, mobility, motor control and gait. And then a week by week training plan with 3-4 workouts per week focusing on improving weaknesses and promoting tissue healing. Workouts are facilitated through the TrueCoach App. EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT: $150 90 MINUTES MONTH BLOCK PLANS + FEEDBACK: $100/MONTH


A two session package - the first session includes a physical assessment, gait analysis of running and walking and a detailed report of deficits and strengths. The second session will be focused on creating a conditioning routine to facilitate an improved running gait.




This is a six week conditioning program that will focus on strengthening the key muscle groups that are required to running safely and with more efficiency. I will instruct you on the critical cueing and focus for each exercise so that it is performed correctly and efficiently. The program will progress from baseline strengthening and motor control to more powerful, dynamic exercises towards the end. It is a self guided format once you watch the videos that describe each exercise.

WEEKLY WORKOUTS: Each workout will have a list of equipment recommended, a list of the workout via the google doc link and a video (YouTube link) that will run through each exercise and how to perform them correctly.

  • two workouts per week, both available by each Mon. morning

  • recommended to perform the workouts at least 2 days apart

  • 45 minute long workouts (approximate)

  • recommended/optional equipment: balance disk, kettle bell or dumb bells, therabands, physioball, box or something to jump over. You could do this at a local gym or at home.

YOGA : Lindsay Mayock, PT, DPT, CYT will create 2 20 minute yoga flows that are specific to running. Yoga and mobility are a critical component to running healthy and strong. I recommend performing the 2 yoga flows each week.

FACEBOOK GROUP: You can request to be added to a private Facebook page when you join Run Strong to have a place to ask me questions or to converse with fellow Run Strong peeps. Share about workout experiences, favorite runs/races or link up to run together!

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