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ATK Revolution World Cup Binding 2023

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When the lightest gets lighter, you might have a revolution on your hands. Proven under the boots of perennial World Cup favorite Michele Boscacci, the Revolution binding takes the longtime ATK Trofeo design closer to the 100-gram mark for a superlight binding. With a revised toe design derived from the SL World Cup (née Trofeo SL), the Revolution is even quicker in transitions and now comes in a spiffy anodized green. Also of note is the added Uphill Hardness Variator (UHV) in the toe piece, which allows the skier to dial in a personal retention value in the toe pincers based on snow conditions and what’s needed on the descent. Higher tech and lower weight combine for the most sophisticated race toe piece on the market.

  • Lightened, smartened, evolved version of the SL World Cup.
  • Lateral and vertical release values in the heel piece mirror the SL World Cup.
  • Toe piece includes Uphill Hardness Variator for added user input on release value.
  • Updated toe piece is intended to clear snow quickly and easily during transitions.
  • Rotating titanium heel pins provide consistent release and have added steel for durability.
  • Claimed weight: 105g

### ATK Says: ###

Weighing just 105 gr, these elegant bindings are quick and easy to use thanks to a combination of 4 patents by ATK Bindings®.

Synonymous with elegance and exclusivity, prior to the introduction of the ski brake system in the ISMF competitions it was considered for many years the “workhorse” of the greatest World Cup champions. Perfect for training sessions or races where no ski brake is required. It presents an incredible lightness, reactivity and ease of use thanks to a wide spread use of ATK Bindings® technology.

Compatible with the ultralight RACE SKI BRAKE (cod: SKRACE) and the new plate R17 (cod: R17).


  • The refined design of the front lever has made it even easier and more immediate to use, easy to handle, especially in the most difficult situations, when fatigue takes over and makes even the simplest of operations complicated.
  • The plastic protection on the lever reduces the wear and tear due to the pressure exerted with the tip of the poles, helping to maintain the aesthetics of the product over time.
  • The ROLLING-IN SYSTEM®, thanks to the “U” spring with rotating bushings, provides a softer heel hooking making the step-in easy even in fresh snow conditions and eliminates the typical wear and tear of the titanium spring.
  • Adjustable Heel Cover: the ATK Bindings® cover presents an adjustable rotation hardness system to provide the perfect stability during the years.
  • RACE SETTING: the side release (Mz) and the vertical release (My) of the binding are fixed at a certain value, defined in the years by our athletes team to be the best balance between safety and stability.
  • EASY ENTRY SYSTEM®: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
  • SNOW PACK PROOF SYSTEM®: no snow pack under the toe part, it also avoids snow loads on the toe piece granting a perfect lightness at any moment.
  • UP-HILL HARDNESS VARIATOR®: A multi-position selector is placed in between the front lever and the toe piece base plate. By changing the selector setting, the up-hill mode locking hardness variates by increasing the pressure on the locking mechanism.

60 – 82 mm
< 800 gr
User 60 – 80 kg

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