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Auftriib SAUCER

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Light and packable, the SAUCER will safely and efficiently let you cover steep and variable terrain without taking off your crampons.

Material: Self-reinforced thermoplastic compound
Strap: No Heli Strap
Cord: Dyneema
Weight: 450g / pair (medium)
Dimensions: 35cm × 25cm x 0.3cm

### Auftriib says: ###

Bootstrapped just got redefined.

Tighten that belt and unleash your legs.

made of high-end self-reinforced thermoplastic compound.
looks like carbon, but works better in this application.

How to choose your ideal size:
1. Check your boots’ sole length (S: 275-300mm / M: 295-320mm / L: 305-330mm)
2. Measure the ‘tooth free gap’ between the front and back units of your crampons and then double-check with the dimension image in the product gallery.


Choose SAUCER, if:

  • You plan to use them mainly for technical alpine exploits, where wallowing is limited to sections, possibly with multiple changes, and thus where the possibility of putting the plates on and off in seconds is king.


  • Your sport is 'couloiring‘ or 'human powered freeriding‘, where bootpacking up long continuous lines is part of the standard procedure, and thus where lightweight, simplicity and longevity are king.



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