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CAMP Corsa Ice Axe

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Fast & Light!

I've been guilty of leaving the ice tools at home many times because I didn't want to add the extra weight. Well there's really no excuse with the CAMP Corsa ice axe which weighs in at 205g (50cm). Safety in the backcountry is paramount and this is a tool that I just leave on my bag for most outings and don't even notice it. It's surprisingly rugged and will last many seasons if you just use for general ski mountaineering. The 60cm length offers a little more purchase if using for an anchor or just comfort of the swing and comes with a nylon spike plug to keep ice out of the shaft. The 50cm is ideal for SkiMo racing, fast ascents, or those who are concerned with the extra grams. This is a must have above tree line. If you're looking for an ice axe better suited for small ice bulges and chokes, check out the Corsa Nanotech.


  • The lightest ice axe in the world!
  • Forged aluminum pick and adze
  • Ideal for snow travel and self arrest
  • Can be used as an anchor for glacier rescue and traversing cornices
  • CC4U wear indicator warns when the pick is dull beyond the safe limit
  • Optional sliding leash (1305) easily attaches to the shaft

205 g, 7.2 oz (50cm)


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