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CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe

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It's a booter's world out there and having a third point of contact can make all the difference between a great day out in the backcountry and a slide for life situation. CAMP continues to push the boundaries with lightweight gear making you that much more likely to bring sharps out with you on every tour.

From the manufacturer: The Corsa Race is purpose built for competitive ski mountaineering racers who demand the lightest possible equipment. We have reduced shaft material and removed the shaft plug to cut the weight to the absolute minimum. Machined holes in the grip improve handling and the 50 cm length meets the minimum standard for the ISMF.


  • The lightest ice axe in the world!
  • Forged aluminum pick and adze
  • Ideal for snow travel and self arrest
  • Can be used as an anchor for glacier rescue and traversing cornices
  • CC4U wear indicator warns when the pick is dull beyond the safe limit
  • Optional sliding leash (1305) easily attaches to the shaft



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