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Dynafit Speed Radical Binding

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Light, inexpensive, durable: pick two. Or so the saying goes. With Dynafit's Speed Radical binding, now almost a decade into its illustrious career, the adage should be, "Pick three." Clocking in under 350 grams (11.5 ounces) on each side, the Speed Radical is also leading the category on competitive pricing and exceptionally low warranty rates. With just enough of the needed features -- such as multiple heel risers, a 20mm adjustment track, and adjustable release values -- to keep you well-composed on any ski mission, Dynafit has gone the extra kilometer to eliminate other weighty features and keep the Speed Radical slimmed down. For the recently-converted ski tourer and the grand master steep-skier alike, the Speed Radical checks all the boxes. 

  • Lateral/vertical release values adjust between 4 and 10 to cover almost all skiers and skier types.
  • "Power Tower" vertical stops on the toe piece make entering the binding in stormy conditions a snap, and help prevent pre-release from the toe.s
  • High ramp angle and high risers make this a great binding for those with less flexible boots and/or ankles.
  • Weight (verified): 342g/side, 684g/pair




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