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MountainFLOW Wax Kit - Blue Square

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All the essentials to give your bases what they need. We like to wax our backcountry skis as often as they need it. The key is brushing out all the wax to ensure excess wax doesn't end up on your skins. mountainflow smells great, is environmentally friendly, and most importantly it's fast.

### mountainFlow says: ###

🟦 Ready to step up your game? This wax kit has everything you need to take it to the next level! 🟦 

  • Wax Iron: Thick base plate to maintain consistent temperature and a dimpled surface for even wax distribution and smooth float during application.
  • Performance Wax | Cool, + Warm: Plant-based + biodegradable. Two temperature-specific waxes to ensure that you have a fast, smooth glide in any snow condition.
  • Brass Wax Brush: Perhaps the most underrated tool in any comprehensive wax kit. This ergonomic wax brush will help remove old wax and to exposure the base structure after a coat of fresh wax. 
  • Wax Scraper: Sharp and sturdy, makes the wax scraping process quick + easy.
  • Travel Case: Keeps all your tuning tools in one place for travel and storage.

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