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Presidential Skiing Backcountry Guidebook

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One part guidebook, one part mini-coffee table book. This is a great addition to guidebooks already out there and rounds out the most sought-after backcountry skiing in the northeast. The Presidentials have the most reliable snowpack in the region and this book highlights the classics and some of the more remote zones. There's plenty to explore and Kurt's book will provide the motivation to start planning your winter bucket list objectives. Pairs well with GRANITELAND guide to glades and backcountry ski trails.

From the Author:

Often credited as the “birthplace of extreme skiing” in North America, the steep gullies of the Presidential Range have inspired east coast skiers for more than a century. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, the need for a definitive guidebook has presented itself. This is the first guidebook to focus solely on backcountry skiing in the Presidential Range, giving these iconic mountains the attention they deserve. While Tuckerman Ravine and the east side of Mount Washington serve as the focal point to this guide, other lesser explored areas throughout the range are also featured—some of them in writing for the first time ever.

Inside are detailed descriptions of 91 different routes, spanning from King Ravine on the north side of Mount Adams down to the Webster Cliffs in Crawford Notch. Each area features stunning aerial photography, detailed maps, approach information, inspiring action shots, and much more. This is without question the most comprehensive guide to backcountry skiing in the Presidential Range to date!

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