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USED Mammut Barryvox W-Link Stick

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#### Mammut Says ####

This is a handy USB adapter for wireless communication with multiple Barryvox devices simultaneously. It is ideal for organizations and retailers looking for efficient fleet management or frequent firmware upgrades.

  • At the European frequency (869.8 MHz) compatible with Barryvox® S, Barryvox®, PULSE and ELEMENT Barryvox®
  • At the North American frequency (916-926 MHz) compatible with Barryvox® S and Barryvox
  • Update Barryvox® devices with the latest firmware
  • Simple and clear modifications to configuration settings
  • Check and access service data and device status 
  • Barryvox® Maintenance Software is suitable for Barryvox® S and Barryvox®

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