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We Are One Composites Convergence Triad 30mm Carbon Wheelset - Industry Nine Hydra 29" Boost

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###WeAreOne Says###


Simply put, this is our best rim to date. Following our principle of delivering unrivaled quality that is backed by actual data, there are no false claims or made-up numbers. Our target was straightforward - design a shape that had  beauty and function , with a 30% minimum increase in impact strength, and provide the best ride feel we have ever delivered to the rider. After two years, countless hours and permutations, we could not be more proud of what we have built right here in Kamloops, British Columbia.


Not too big, not too small but just right. The Triad is built off our previous Union platform and is our newest 30mm internal enduro rim. With data driven improvements, the Triad hits 33% stronger and rides 18% more damped than anything we have created in the past. The Triad is goldilocks of rims in the Convergence series, pairing well with tires between 2.4" and 2.6", it covers the most popular tire options out there. 


The tires we recommend are a range from 2.4" - 2.5"


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