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Dynafit Ridge Pro Ski Boot floating tongue and boa

New Dynafit Ridge Pro Ski Boots - Review

During this season's Miracle March I was lucky enough to test out Dynafit's new offering - the Ridge Pro - for a few trips around the valley. In true East Coast fashion this short time period delivered a wide array of snow conditions, and the Ridge Pro stepped up the the task each and every day. It is designed to fit squarely between the TLTX and the Radical Pro in Dynafit's touring lineup, as it borrows features from both and blends them into an impressive package. At first they don't look like much however there is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to these boots. 

Some Basic Specs:

The Ridge weighs in at 1276g out of the box (1059 shell & 219 liner/stock footbed). Its tested weight wad 1300g even with a little footbed modification to snug up the fit. I run a size 26.0 so had to get creative to make the sample 26.5 size work for me. The last of 101mm is perfect for the average or slightly wider foot. The boot has a stated flex of 120 with a 70 degree ROM, a combination rarely seen in the same sentence. 

For reference I tested them with a DPS Pagoda 106 in a 184cm length and the Pagoda Tour 100 in a 179cm length.  


From a fit perspective it is more akin to the TLT than the Radical with a narrow-ish heel and a moderate forefoot. I felt a tiny bit of pressure across the top of my foot but it subsided after a few strides up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Although fit is very much personal (see us for bootfitting!) I would not recommend the boot to someone that has very high volume feet as the carbon infused Grilamid shell may not take too kindly to a drastic modification. The boots ran true to size and I never felt my toes jamming against the front, even with a heel riser up on the flats.


The Ridge Pro utilizes Dynafit's Hoji Lock Technology on the top velcro power strap, integrating the strap tension and the ski/walk mechanism into one. This is accompanied by an instep buckle that is bumped up above the ankle ever so slightly. The positioning change on the middle buckle makes all the difference as it allows for a secure fit in the cuff of the boot without having to really crank the strap down (which can be an issue for those of us with larger calves).

The floating tongue is the marquee technology here, allowing for an effortless stride while touring. The toe of the tongue is suspended creating a front and back flow of the tongue piece, thus allowing a far superior rearward articulation compared to other boots in this weight class. This is tightened by a MOZ dial across the top of the instep.

All three of these mechanisms play together quite nicely to create a downhill machine without sacrificing any uphill mobility. You likely have heard this before, but the Ridge Pro really makes no compromises. Dynafit approaches the Ridge Pro with a less is more mentality, creating a secure yet comfortable fit without tipping the scale too much.

So who's it for?

The boot is capable of driving a heftier ski while also being nimble enough to pilot a lightweight tourer. Given this, I believe the Ridge Pro is perfect for someone who wants to drive two very different skis with the a single pair of boots. The customer looking for the middle ground between a 1KG light and fast boot and the four buckle hybrid boots will certainly be pleased with the performance of the Ridge Pro. 

The Ridge Pro is spearheading this in-between category, a style of boot the everyday ski tourer should be looking at with a close eye. Rounding out this category are the Fischer Transalp series and the Scarpa F1 XT - both of which run a tad narrower. The Ridge Pro is an excellent option for those who are interested in the above mentioned boots but don't quite fit into them.


Wether it be a fitness lap up Polecat or a dawn patrol on the summit of Mt. Washington, the Ridge Pro is an excellent choice for those seeking one boot to do it all. I am excited to see them in store this upcoming Winter and may pick up a pair for myself! 

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