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2017 / 2018 Fischer Hannibal Skis

2017 / 2018 Fischer Hannibal Skis

Most Versatile Touring Ski for the East Coast. 

I really don't get too excited about skis - they just have to hit that 1200-1400g weight class and I'm generally happy. It's not too difficult to adapt to a short ski or a narrow ski, but for touring the last thing I want is a heavy ski. That said, the redesigned Hannibals come with beautiful new graphics and a playful new shape to match. Instead of two models, Fischer has pared down to a one and four lengths - 162 (94mm), 169 (95mm), 176 (96mm), and 183 (97mm). In January I mounted up some 176 figuring they would be the right length to handle navigating tight terrain as well as provide a stable ride in all sorts of crud. Fischer says the flex is 10% stiffer than the previous Hannibals. I couldn't really notice and they did seem a touch soft in firm conditions but I'm used to that with lightweight touring skis. I was surprised how well they skied in powder given tapered waist. Now they aren't a powder ski by any means but I had a blast skiing in 12-24" glades. One other noticeable change is the increased sidecut for better turning performance. I didn't take these on any groomers but on buffed out wind crust they were awesome. This ski is really for anyone looking for a high performance touring ski that is a perfect balance of weight, width, and flex to handle almost any condition.

Specs Below and available for purchase

New Fischer Hannibal 2017

New Fischer HannibalAndrew Drummond Fischer Hannibal

Fischer Hannibal Ski

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