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Fischer My Travers Touring Boot

Fischer My Travers Touring Boot

New for 2017/18, The Women now have their own version of the Fischer Travers, which is aptly named, MY TRAVERS. This boot is similar to the Travers Carbon but lacks the carbon sole and come in a white / black / blue color. One of the major differences is the liner. While the Travers Carbon is a super thin Palau Thermo Liner, the MY TRAVERS is a beefy stiff liner with a few welcomed changes:

  • Improved tongue and calf loops make for easier entry
  • Velcro patch for spoiler attachment
  • More rigid material with slightly different padding and stitching (not sure how this will affect the fit)
Difference between current Travers Carbon Liners and the My Travers Liners

Since these boots don't come in my size, I'll defer to a spring demo: "

I was very impressed with the My Travers boots especially (so light and comfortable!)" 

Fischer My Travers Ski Boot Fischer My Travers Ski Boot (Lockout) Fischer My Travers Ski Boot BOA Fischer Travers Carbon Boot Sole   Fischer My Travers Cuff  Fischer Travers Ski Boot Gaiter

For those curious about weights and boot sole length (per boot): 

23.5: 947g / 256mm
24.5: 981g / 266mm
25.5 (waiting on inventory) / 276mm
(waiting on inventory) / 286mm
27.5 (waiting on inventory) / 296mm

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