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Fischer Transalp 80 Review

Fischer Transalp 80 Ski Review

Light. Nimble. Tough.

Fischer Transalp 80 Ski Tuckerman Ravine

The Fischer Transalp 80 is a mini version of the Hannibal series. It shares all the same technologies - Carbon Stringers, AirTec Ti, Tour Rocker, Aeroshape, Paulonia Wood Core, Extruded Bases, and Sandwich Construction. All of these features allow for an amazing downhill ski for it's weight. 

Fischer Transalp 80 Specs 

Where do these skis fit in my Quiver?

I needed a ski that was a step up from my AlpAttack Race Ski but smaller and lighter than my Hannibal 100s. This is the ski I take when I'm focusing on SkiMo training or longer tours. It's not nearly as light as my race skis and I don't use with my race boots. The focus is still on downhill performance which these handle incredibly well. 

Fischer Transalp Tour Rocker


The Transalp series comes in several widths and lengths. At the moment Fischer North America is only carrying the 80s and 88s (Europe offers the 75). I opted for the 170 length because I like having the extra tail even if it means adding more grams. The 88s are unnecessary for training and also lack the carbon stringers which is important since I'm weighing in at 190lbs.

 Fischer Transalp 80 Carbon Stringers Titanal Plates


I put on an old pair of Dynafit Vertical FT Bindings that aren't the lightest and I will put on a pair of Speed Turn 2.0s later this winter since they use the same hole pattern and will shave off a few hundred grams. The Verticals are still a great binding for this Ski.


I finally got my Travers Carbons and this is the ideal boot for both the Transalp and Hannibal Series ski. I wear a size 29.5 which is about 1200g per boot, saving about 500g per boot compared to my Transalp TS Lites. They still have a nice flex to them and control the ski well. I need a few days on the groomers to confirm their abilities but in the limited early season skiing I've logged, they seem like the perfect match. 

Initial Thoughts

This is going to be a fun ski for those longer days and big link ups. They feel rock solid for what they are and I'm excited to see what I can accomplish on them. They are by no means the typical lightweight ski and are quite heavy by SkiMo standards but a great trainer nonetheless for someone with an alpine background. Look for a mid-winter update along with videos for my final review.

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