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Avy Kit Workshop

Mount Washington Avy Kit Workshop

We are planning our winter schedule so please join the email list with future opportunities:

Come join Synott Mountain Guides for a free clinic for Avy Rescue focusing on beacon drills.

Hi. With the pandemic, social distancing, and backcountry travel on the rise this coming winter season, White Mountain Ski Co and Synnott Mountain Guides would like to invite to a free “learn to use you beacon course.” We feel that no matter how much you know about the snow you are never going to stop an avalanche from occurring, and everyone should know how to use a beacon, probe, and shovel. Heck, if you are going to lug the extra weight with you, you might as well be able to use it.
Who is this course for: The beginner skier/mountaineer who just bought a beacon and doesn’t have a clue what it does besides beep when in search mode, through the winter enthusiast who just wants some practice.
What is going to be covered: Basic understanding of how a beacon works, group beacon checks, and how to conduct a basic search in the event of an avalanche.
When: TBD
This course is designed to provide you a basic understanding of how to use your beacon, probe, and shovel, and give you a framework to be able to practice at home with your regular ski/mountaineering partners. If you have your own gear we highly recommend bringing it. Same thing if you have partners that are of the same skill set, come as a group. If you are going to be traveling together it’s important to learn together as well.
This course is by no means a substitute for a level 1, 2, or a rescue course, but it is something to get you stated in the right direction.
We look forward to working with you all!
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