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Custom Wheels

Wheels play a large roll in how a bike rides. Wheels effect a bikes weight, compliance, tire compatibility and much more. Many stock bikes come with lower end aluminum wheels. While some people might just see this as a slight decrease in performance, it is also a liability for the rider. With many stock wheels being built with low end straight pull spokes and cheap nipples, riders run a higher risk of braking spokes and getting flats. 

Whether you want a pair of wheels for racing at a higher level or just increasing the quality of your ride, we can build the perfect pair of wheels for you. Different spoke counts and spoke crossing can significantly change the way a wheel rides. While some differences in bike builds might be hard to notice for the average rider, this is something most riders will be able to easily pick up on. There are many other variables that can be changed to manipulate a wheel rolls which we would be happy to discuss.

Custom wheels are also a great option for those who want two pairs of wheels with the same hub but different configurations. This is a great solution for those who would rather not think twice when swapping out their wheels. While most hubs have very similar disc break mounting points and freehub spacing, it is really nice to have the same hub so that everything is lined up perfectly when swapping wheelsets.

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