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HOKA ONE ONE Trail Shoes Explained

It seems like HOKA is adding new models each season to their trail shoe line up which can be confusing when picking the right model for the terrain surface. We'll go through all the models we carry and where each one excels and where they might fit in your shoe quiver.

Clifton 8

Hoka Clifton 8 

The Clifton 8 is the perfect road trainer that I've used for ultras where the terrain is rolling and non-technical (dirt roads / class 6 roads). They are 15% lighter than the previous version with the right amount of midsole cushion to keep your feet happy for short or long runs. Every trail runner should have a pair of these for easy days on the roads or non-technical trail races.

Weight (M size 9): 8.9oz / (W size 8) 8oz
Lug height: n/a
Heel stack: 37mm
Forefoot stack: 32mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type: Paved / Non-Technical

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Challenger ATR 6


The Challenger is an incredibly popular shoe that is known for its versatility and overlap in design with the above Clifton model. The flat-lug pattern on the outsole provides a smooth ride on any surface and the weight of the shoe remains light. This shoe is ideal for a mix of surfaces ranging from paved roads to mountain bike trails.

Weight (M size 9): 9.8oz / (W size 8) 8.8 oz
Lug height: 4mm
Heel stack: 37mm
Forefoot stack: 32mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type - Paved road to MTB trail

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Torrent 2

The Torrent has the feel of a traditional trail shoe and maybe that's the point. With a shorter stack height, the torrent is more responsive than other shoes in the trail category, giving you a better feel for the terrain. The lug pattern provides excellent grip in most conditions which makes this shoe an excellent overall trail shoe for training and racing. Ideal for dirt roads to mountain bike trails.

Weight (M size 9): 9.3 oz / (W size 8) oz
Lug height: 5mm
Heel stack: 31mm
Forefoot stack: 26mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type: Dirt Roads and Trail

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Hoka Zinal Trail Shoe

HOKA's first lightweight trail racer arrives this summer featuring ultra light weight construction, trimmed down stack height, and Vibram litebase outsole to provide a fast and nimble ride, ideal for sub-ultra trail racing in all terrain. We're excited to put this shoe to the test and see how it performs.

Weight (M size 9): 8.5 oz / (W size 8) 7.0 oz
Lug height: 4mm
Heel stack: 22mm
Forefoot stack: 18mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type: All Mountain

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Speedgoat 4 (since updated to Speedgoat 5)

Hoka Speedgoat 4

The Speedgoat continues to evolve and is by far the most popular trail shoe that HOKA offers, and rightfully so. The combination of the plush midsole, Vibram megagrip outsole, and burly upper create a powerhouse of a mountain trail shoe. Best for dirt road to high alpine terrain.

Weight (M size 9): 10.8 oz / (W size 8) 9.2 oz
Lug height: 5mm
Heel stack: 32mm
Forefoot stack: 28mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type: All Mountain

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Speedgoat 5

HOKA Speedgoat 5

The Speedgoat 5 makes some much requested changes to their upper while maintaining many characteristics that makes this shoe so popular in the White Mountains and technical terrain in general. The upper is made of a softer material found in their other shoe models like the Zinal, Torrent, Tecton X, with a neoprene gusset that was present in the EVO series. While this increases comfort, we're still unsure about durability. The midsole retains that Speedgoat "squish" while reducing weight by utilizing a new material. They are slightly firmer than the SG4 but not by much. No significant changes with the outsole other than a slight modification on the heel pattern. The Speedgoat will maintain the top spot as the best trail shoe for most runners looking for protection on longer runs on varied terrain. v

10.3 oz. 291g

Weight (M size 9): 10.3 oz / (W size 8) 8.5 oz
Lug height: 5mm
Heel stack: 33mm (mens)
Forefoot stack: 29mm (mens)
Heel toe drop: 4mm
Surface Type: All Mountain

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HOKA Tecton X Trail Shoe

I was very hesitant about the Tecton X - carbon plates and trail shoes is a questionable mix. Fortunately the Tecton isn't a stiff and unresponsive shoe. In fact, it's as light as the Zinal and feels as soft as the Speedgoat 5. The carbon plate is split, allowing for torsional flex on uneven terrain. This is one shoe that just fits perfect out of the box thanks to the stretchy upper and new tongue design.

Weight (M size 9): 8.5oz / (W size 8) 6.9 oz
Lug height: 4
Heel stack: 33
Forefoot stack: 29
Heel toe drop: 4 mm


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HOKA Ora Recovery Slide

We can't say enough good things about the HOKA recovery products. The slides are just what your feet need heading to the trailhead or immediately when you wrap up a day in the mountains. The beauty is the immediate relief you feel without having to take off your socks, just slip right in and your feet will thank you.

Weight (M size 9): 6.4oz / (W size 8) 5.1oz
Lug height: n/a
Heel stack: 33
Forefoot stack: 27
Heel toe drop: 5mm

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EVO Mafate 2 (Discontinued)

Hoka Evo Mafate 2

The EVO Mafate 2 is HOKA's mid to long distance performance trail shoe. I first saw the EVO Mafate at UTMB on Jim Walmsley. It has all the ingredients to perform well on any trail surface with a slightly better feel for the trail than the Speedgoat model. A few key features worth calling out would be the upper material is rugged but drains easily (perfect for river crossings). The neoprene tongue gusset gives the toe box flexibility to wrap all but the widest feet. And lastly, the Vibram megagrip outsole provides traction in all conditions.

Weight (M size 9): 10.3oz / (W size 8) 8.9oz
Lug height: 5mm
Heel stack: 35mm
Forefoot stack: 31mm
Heel toe drop: 5mm
Surface Type: All Mountain

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EVO Speedgoat (Discontinued)

Hoka Evo Speedgoat

The hybrid lovechild of the EVO Mafate and the Speedgoat, gives you the best of both world - the super comfortable EVO upper with the plush Speedgoat midsole. Sadly this model is discontinued and we only have a few left in stock. 

Weight (M size 9): 9.3oz / (W size 8) 7.94oz
Lug height: 5mm
Heel stack: 32
Forefoot stack: 28
Heel toe drop: 4mm
Surface Type: All Mountain

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