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White Mountain Ski Co - Retail Location

I looked at this space a year ago before it went on the market and wasn't sure it was the place (or could afford it). It was many things in the past but most recently an art gallery with studio spaces and it was hard to envision how it would be a good fit. This winter it was still on the market and I took another look and was sold. The location is perfect, right on Rt 16 making it easy for anyone to stop in on the way to the mountains. There's plenty of space for retail which we didn't have at Black Mountain. It's only a short distance to Black Mountain (a 10 minute e-bike ride up / 6 minutes down) so there's no disconnect. And lastly, a chance to continue building the outdoor community in Jackson.

So here we are, trying to get things going with bikes, new products, and get creative with new events. Stop by, call, or send an email if you'd like to connect.

Our hours:
Monday & Tuesday: Closed / By Appointment
Wednesday - Friday: 10AM - 5PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 6PM 


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