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Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra Review

Adidas Terrex Women's Agravic Speed Ultra 2024

Here is my first impressions of the Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra Shoe. In this review, I'll provide a few key things you should know before buying this shoe based on features, performance, and comparison to other shoes in this category. 

First things first: this is a dirt road super shoe. I've logged 50 miles in my pair (which I had to downsize from a US 14 to 13 for fit) and found they are sporty and want to move. They have a light and thin upper, something you'd find on a road shoe, with a little more reinforcement around the toe. They have a lightstrike pro midsole (super critical foam) that feels fast and responsive. There is an added rod / plastic plate for additional snappy stiffness found in other high-end shoes which doesn't feel overly present (detract from trail feel) but gives the shoe pep on straight non-technical surfaces. 

It took a half mile or so for my foot to settle into the shoe and next thing you know, I'm running sub 7 minute miles with seemingly little effort. The rocker keeps your momentum pushing forward and I found the shoe in general to be incredibly comfortable. The toe box is wide and accommodating but under the arch is narrow. 

The Continental outsole is fine. It's a shallow tread pattern (2.5 - 3mm lugs) that work well on most surfaces. It's not the grippiest compound I've tried but works very well for most non-technical terrain. 

The stability is of the shoe is good but with a road flat upper it doesn't feel like a shoe you'd want to spend much time on windy mountain bike trails. This was where I lightly rolled my ankle and started to get irritation under my arch from the tongue spandex. 

Other shoes in this category include the Hoka Tecton X 2 and the Craft CTM Ultra Carbon. The Tecton is a better trail shoe, more capable in technical terrain but not as 'fast' of a shoe. the CTM Ultra is very similar to the Agravic Speed Ultra but the carbon plate feels more intrusive once off road. 

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