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ATK Freeride Spacer (Pair)

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For alpine skiers accustomed to hard-hitting, DIN-certified bindings, it can be a shock  to move over to the dark side of tech bindings and the "pin"-based system that Dynafit pioneered almost 30 years ago. One of the biggest functional differences between an alpine binding and a tech binding is that in a pin-based system, the skier's boot heel is suspended off of the ski by two metal pins in the heel piece. Crucially, this creates a gap of 5-20 millimeters between the boot sole and the topsheet of the ski, which allows boots with different sole thicknesses to function in the binding without the sole rubber contacting the topsheet of the ski. However, the gap between the ski and the boot also takes away from the power transfer between the skier and the snow, and creates a potential point of failure in the event of a hard compression or landing. The ATK Freeride Spacer is here to help increase your power transfer and keep you locked and loaded in your ATK Raider 12 or FreeRaider 14. The Freeride Spacer features two pads that sit under the boot heel and allow it to slide side-to-side to release, but supports the boot during downward compressions. You can tailor the height of your Freeride Spacer using the included washers to make sure it aligns with your particular boot model (or to swap between boots mid-season). With the Raider 12 binding and an aftermarket Freeride Spacer addition, you can get out there and ski with unlimited style.

  • Freeride Spacer comes stock on ATK's Freeraider 14; optional add-on for added performance on the Raider 12.
  • Aluminum and nylon construction for high durability.
  • Claimed weight: 29g



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