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ATK Universal Freeride Spacer (AL05)

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### ATK Says ###

This accessory, already present in the catalogue of the past season, is a micro-adjustable in thickness spacer, which can be fixed to the ski in the area under the heel of the boot, just in front of the heel part.

AL05 optimizes the transmission of the boot-ski impulses deleting the empty space between the sole of the boot and the top-sheet of the ski, as well as transfers directly to the ski the vertical jumps loads without excessively stressing the boot structure.

AL05 has being thought for the most violent RAIDERS that make-out the vertical jumps their daily lives, as well as lovers of extreme couloirs, where the only safety thing is to have the binding brazed to the boot. This accessory is equipped with an elastic slide in contact with the boot that, if properly calibrated, does not modify in any way the values of the lateral release of the binding.

AL05 must be installed directly on the ski, using the two provided screws; for this reason it can be installed in front of any ski touring binding heel part, on condition that the space between the sole of the boot and  the ski in the installation area is between 14.5 mm and 20 mm.

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