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Sram AXS Pod Ultimate Controller

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### Sram Says ###

The AXS Pod Ultimate is our most premium pod shifter. AXS Pod Ultimate is lighter weight than Eagle Ecosystem AXS Controllers, features a completely new shape, ergonomics, and a vastly superior range of adjustability. Featuring a “click and fire” two-button design, with an intuitive action that requires the ideal amount of rider input to activate. Plus, it allows riders to personalize button assignments through the AXS App. AXS Pod Ultimate has interchangeable touchpoints for further customization and comfort based on the rider’s personal preference. With its unique flippable design AXS Pod Ultimate can be mounted left- or right-handed – it’s one component, with a world of possibilities. Finished in a premium high polish casing to complete the look of your super bike.

  • Lighter weight, better and more adaptable ergonomics, superior adjustability, premium finish.
  • All-new “Click and fire” two-button design. Intuitive and straight forward action requiring the ideal amout of rider input.
  • Interchangeable convex and concave touchpoint buttons for a personalized feel.
  • Personalization options for action designation through the AXS App.

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