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Dynafit Speedskin DNA Race Skin

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The skin for ski models DNA, PDG and Mezzalama is made by POMOCA. It prevents the annoying buildup of clumps of snow and has excellent grip and glide characteristics with 100% mohair. As with all skins from POMOCA, the DYNAFIT ski touring skins for the Race ski DNA were made in Switzerland and offer convincing high quality on the slopes. A special membrane prevents water absorption and eliminates the need to seal a skin’s edges. The skins are resistant to tears, as well as wear and tear, plus they can be easily folded in the middle or stuck together. An intelligent DYNAFIT tensioning system lends the ideal connection between skin and ski tip. Snow and ice are prevented from getting under the skin since the skin sits so closely to the ski all the way to the tip. On the way to the finish line, you can always put your trust in your ski touring skins – highest performance, comfort, and maximum safety, guaranteed. Blacklight ski touring skins – 100% reliable till the last meter of climbing.

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