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Fischer Hannibal 106 Carbon Ski 2023

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Backcountry Powder Ski 

We've been waiting for this one for a while now. Since the departure of the Hannibal 100, there has been a hole in the quiver for a lightweight backcountry powder ski. I had the chance to get on some prototypes this spring and was very happy to put these to work in late season crud. They ski short in the firm conditions thanks to some extra tip rocker so it's recommended to size up. I felt the 178s were a touch short but great in the tighter terrain where less ski was needed. They borrow the same features as the Transalp series and at 106 underfoot they are well qualified for powder, corn, and crud. If you have room in your garage (and wallet), I highly recommend adding these to your 19/20 budget. 


  • Paulownia Wood Core
  • Carbon Tex
  • Aeroshape


  • Weight: 1450/178cm (per ski)
  • Sidecut: 138-106-114
  • Radius: 22m/178cm
  • Length: 171,178,185

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