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Garmin InReach Messenger

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Same but different - The Garmin Messenger is very much like the inReach mini but strips off the navigation features in exchange for something more like a mini modem. And that's the point - this device is reliant on your phone to do all the heavy lifting. In fact, it can reverse charge your phone so you can get out that last important message if your phone happens to die. There's a new messenger app that helps organize group texts for trips and the app will seamlessly transfer your existing InReach account over to the messenger device. Most importantly, you can get twice the battery life out of this unit (28 days on 10min ping mode).

This device comes in $100 less than the mini and it's clear the target audience would less likely be backpackers and more likely car campers. It's about the same size, a tiny bit heavier. There are some great features here that will be spilling over to the mini with an upcoming firmware update. With no obvious antennae, it will be interesting to see how well this device will lock into satellites in a pack pocket. There is no lanyard included with the messenger but there is an attachment point.

The new messenger app makes it easy to share your track and customize the device but there is no mapview within the app.

### Garmin Says: ###

  • If you’re venturing off the grid, this small, rugged satellite communicator goes beyond the limits of cellular networks to keep friends and family in reach with global two-way text messaging.
  • You can still connect to the ones who matter, even when there’s no cellphone coverage.
  • Pair your inReach device with the Garmin Messenger app on your compatible smartphone to text via satellite or cellular networks.
  • Need emergency assistance? Send an interactive SOS to our coordination center.
  • When you need to be sure, the on-device display confirms that your message has been sent.
  • Use preset messages to easily check in with contacts as you travel.
  • Stay on your adventures longer with up to 28 days of battery life between recharges.

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