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Garmin InReach Mini Tracker 2

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New and improved - The Garmin InReach Mini 2 adds a few features to our beloved little personal locator beacon. Learn a little more about the improvements here over the original version.
I've been using an InReach for several years now and when the mini came out it was revolutionary. Clip it on your pack and go with the assurance that you can get a message out to friends or family when you need to. Pairs with your phone for easy texting and mapping features, there's no excuse not to own one of these if you spend a lot of time in the mountains. 
### Garmin Says: ###


  • This compact satellite communicator helps you keep home with you when you’re off the grid — adding peace of mind to every adventure, without adding weight to your pack.
  • Global satellite coverage keeps you connected when cellphones can’t.
  • In an emergency, send an interactive SOS message to our coordination center.
  • You can still connect to the ones who matter, even without cellphone coverage.
  • With TracBack® routing, find your way back if you happen to get lost.
  • Expand the capabilities of your inReach device by using the Garmin Explore™ app.
  • Stay on adventures longer with up to 14 days of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode.
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