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Hagan Boost 99 Skis 2023

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### Hagen Says: ###

HAGAN Boost Series Skis
  • First Lines, Powder and Steep Slopes: HAGAN BOOST skis are light enough for long tours, with 94mm and 99mm waist widths, but are by no means oversized. Tip rockers up to 410 mm provide these off-piste rockets plenty of float for high speed turns.The Boost skis are built with 3D "diminishing rib" profiles — a raised central ridge that tapers out towards the ski’s edge for a reduction in swing weight. The rib is taller and narrower near the bindings, progressively widening while getting shallower near the tip and tail. The rib shape keeps the skis stiffer mid-foot while absorbing impact without chatter. Tip and tail rocker help float over soft snow and cut through chop, while camber underfoot and carbon stringers provide stability and stiffness, ensuring they rip the hardback. From flotation devices to powerful chargers, welcome to the most playful line of powder skis on the market.

    The BOOST 99 is built for free riders who like to venture deep into demanding alpine terrain and press the pedal on remote descents. Powerful skiers will enjoy laying down fast, long turns while the carbon and paulownia construction also lends to braiding tight figure 8s in powder. The BOOST 99 is light enough for long tours while its 99 mm waist and 131 mm shovel provide stability and security even in difficult snow conditions.

    The BOOST 99 is equally at home on firmer slopes. It is stable on edge and holds lines securely. This freerider is the tool for adventurers whose exploits guarantee they will experience a wide variety of conditions.


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