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Orucase Mini Framebag

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### Orucase Says ###

It might look just fine from the front, but keep overfilling those back pockets and your favorite jersey’s gonna end up looking like an 80’s mullet. Flapping against your backside while your friends reminisce about the bad fashions of a bygone era.

Avoid this tragedy with the mini frame bag: Designed to give you that extra bit of storage for snacks, clothing, camera, and phone. Whether you're out on an epic gravel ride, or rocking a t-shirt and bibs cruising around town, the mini frame bag has you covered.

Made from the same technical laminates as our other bags. They’re waterproof, lightweight, and provide 4x the tear strength compared to other bags that use "premium PVC coated fabrics". Connects via velcro and a line-loc strap around the downtube to prevent swaying. It’s narrow design prevents knee-chafe for even the buffest of quads.


Color: Black

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