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Petzl SWIFT® RL 1100 Lumen Headlamp (2024)

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Same great headlamp, 20% brighter. The Swift is an excellent headlamp for all outdoor activities - it's light enough for running and bright enough for skiing.

### Petzl Says: ###

Casting 1100 lumens at a weight of only 100 g, SWIFT RL is the ultimate multi-sport headlamp for all your outdoor activities. Using REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, a sensor analyzes the ambient light and automatically adjusts brightness to your needs. The headband is reflective to remain visible at night. Its split construction gives you excellent stability during dynamic and intense activities such as mountaineering, trail running, and skiing. SWIFT RL is intuitive to use, with a single button that easily controls all functions: ON/OFF, lighting modes, brightness, and locking. If necessary, you can also use the continuous or strobe red lighting. It is rechargeable, with a five-level gauge that allows you to monitor the battery charge level.

Key Features:

  • 1100 lumens allowing you to see up to 155 meters away
  • Choice of two lighting modes, selected with a long hold: REACTIVE LIGHTING® or STANDARD LIGHTING.
  • Continuous red lighting to preserve night vision and increase comfort when reading, without blinding those around you.
  • Compact and lightweight: Only 100g.
  • Single button controls all functions: ON/OFF, lighting modes, brightness, and locking.
  • Lithium-ion 2350 mAh battery, rechargeable via USB-C port, with battery charge indicator.
  • Spare battery available for long expeditions, or simply to switch out the battery when it dies (SWIFT RL rechargeable battery available as an accessory).

Color: Orange

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