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Wolf Tooth Morse Ti Cage

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A simple Ti cage that will hold your bottle snug regardless of the terrain you are riding. Having the ability to move the cages fore and aft on your frame to get the perfect fit is my favorite feature! 

### Wolftooth Says ###

The Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is a versatile titanium bottle cage with a unique base plate that allows you to reposition the bottle placement on your bike. Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions that align with your bike's bottle bosses. Each of the four mounting options have a "dot" paired with a "dash" that ensures your bottle is securely mounted and won't move. This gives you the option of up to 32mm of vertical adjustment of bottle cage positioning.

  • Hand-bent hollow titanium tubing

  • Total weight of 33g (or roughly two DVDs)

  • Fits any frame that has a standard bottle cage mount with bolt spacing of 64mm (most modern frames)

  • Made here in our Minnesota machine shop

  • Versatile option for bikes with multiple bottle cage mounts, full-suspension frames, smaller frames, and bikes with any size of frame bag

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