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Camp G-Comp Warm Winter Gloves

Camp G-Comp Warm Winter Gloves

Best touring gloves on the market? I think so.  

I have notoriously cold hands. They are always the first to go on a tour in sub 30ºF temps. The problem is that on long tours your hands tend to go from hot to cold to freezing. The CAMP G-Comp Warm gloves provide all the answers for winter touring. 

For Hot Hands:

I wasn't sure what this big loop was since these gloves were new to me but sure enough they are a mitt-keeper, or whatever you call that loop that goes around your kid's wrist so they don't lose their mitts. This is awesome and perfect for uphilling when your hands get really warm - just pop off the gloves and they comfortably dangle from your wrists. Also, if you need the dexterity of your fingers, just pop your gloves off without worrying about losing them.

camp g-comp warm glove wrist


For Cool Hands:

The gloves work great for cold hands. The material is soft and had a fleecy section for wiping your goggles, glasses, or your nose. They are essentially a spring skiing glove for 30-50º weather. 

For Cold Hands:

Pop out the PrimaLoft overmitt and your hands will warm up nicely. Even when wet the overmitt excels at heating up the hand and protecting against the wind. This is great for descents as well as the initial five minutes of uphill after a transition. 

camp g-comp warm overmitt insulated

For REALLY Cold Hands:

Pop on the CAMP HOTMIT'N over the G-Comp glove. When you stop at the top of a mountain to transition things can get cold real fast. At this point I'm usually putting on a down jacket but when the overmitt isn't enough, throw on this super warm overmitt and you're hands will warm right back up. These now live in my pack especially since I seem to have circulatory issues from repeated cold exposure. 

I put these gloves through a full winter and they worked as advertised. BUT the overmitt also got shredded (as advertised). When the overmitt is on, it takes discipline to remove and store before doing anything technical like adjusting a binding or picking up a ski (the edge will slide the delicate fabric). That said, I wore these gloves all winter and abused them and they probably won't see another winter as a "warm" glove but will be perfect for spring days or racing. 



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