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Fischer Hannibal 100 Review

Fischer Hannibal 100 Review

Best All-Around Backcountry Ski.

Fischer Hannibal 100 Ski Powder

For the 2015 / 2016 ski season I almost exclusively skied this model in the backcountry. It's the biggest (widest) ski in Fischer's tour-centric line and delivered exceptionally well for it's weight class. 

I can vouch for it's ability to ski the classic east coast crud as I used it all over Mount Washington in the spring plus I can also speak for it's technical performance on groomers. It has a great turn radius to make resort terrain playful and the width underfoot will let you plow through most conditions. 

Recently I had the opportunity to test these out in a few feet of powder, something I never got to do last winter! They exceeded my expectations and over the course of the morning I logged over 5k vert and would have kept skiing if I didn't have a plane to catch. I never found myself wishing I had wider skis, they ride that fine line between weight and performance making them my first choice as a general backcountry ski. It's common now to think that you need a ski greater than 110mm underfoot do enjoy powder but that's not the case, especially when weight is a factor.

I paired these up with the PROFOIL skins and did a couple laps at Brundage Resort plus a couple hours of lift served runs. The key takeaway was that I was never questioning my ski choice - instead I was enjoying every lap that afternoon.

In terms of durability, these things are solid. I got two full (HARD) seasons out of them before finally putting a crack in the sidewall - that included several hard crashes, cliff drops, and relentless descents in low-tide conditions over rocks, debris, and exposed waterbars. 

If you're questioning whether to go with the Hannibal 100 or the 94, it's a tough choice. I think the Hannibal 94 in the 177 is slightly more nimble whereas the 100 in the 180cm is slightly more powerful. It all depends on your priority but I can assure you that this will be one of the most enjoyable backcountry skis you've ever owned. 

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